5 Holiday Mocktails to Try This Season

Holiday mocktails

A big part of the holiday season is sampling all sorts of tasty drinks and dishes. The problem with this is it can become unhealthy quite quickly. An easy solution is to stick to mocktails. You can prepare them for all your friends at university — no matter their age — and you’ll feel better both physically and mentally due to the lack of alcohol. Whereas you have a huge number of delicious mocktails to try, some stand out as being top choices for the holiday season.

1. Virgin Espresso Martini

If you’re looking for a caffeine fix but you want something more interesting than regular coffee, treat yourself to an espresso martini made with non-alcoholic liquor. All you need to prepare this mocktail is two shots of alcohol-free gin and a little cold brew concentrate, milk, and syrup. You can use regular milk or an alternative like oat milk. Although simple syrup works fine, you can enhance the flavour with vanilla coffee syrup. Put everything in a cocktail shaker with ice and serve in a martini glass. This is ideal for a brunch to celebrate the holidays with friends.

2. Alcohol-Free Gin and Tonic

Another way to use that alcohol-free gin is in a virgin gin and tonic. This is simple to make: just mix together two shots of gin and a small can of tonic water. You can also add elderflower syrup and lime juice if you feel it needs something extra.

3. Zero-Alcohol Mezcal Paloma

Another mocktail you can prepare in just a couple minutes is a paloma with zero-alcohol mezcal. Use two shots of liquor with some grapefruit juice and lime juice. Your friends will love this one, as it tastes almost exactly the same as the alcoholic version.

4. Virgin Margarita

You can also use alcohol-free mezcal for margaritas. Mix together the juice from a freshly-squeezed lime, a splash of orange juice, agave nectar to add just a bit of sweetness (honey or simple syrup also work if you have these around), and sparkling water. Serve the beverages over crushed ice or ice cubes in glasses with a salted rim — run a lime wedge around the rims to make the salt stick.

5. Non-Alcoholic Aperol Spritz

One of the trendiest drinks at the moment is the Aperol Spritz. The good news is it’s just as easy to prepare a mocktail version as it is the alcoholic original. Instead of Prosecco, find a non-alcoholic sparkling white wine, and replace the Aperol liqueur with grapefruit juice to gain a citrusy, bitter flavour. Use equal parts of each and then add a little lemon juice to complete the mocktail. It’s the perfect drink for when you want to relax in the afternoon after you’ve finished your classes for the day.

Share these mocktails with friends by hosting a holiday gathering. Whereas a dorm room is too small to invite more than a couple people, you’ll have plenty of space if you live in an apartment. You can find McMaster student rentals at West Village Suites — you’ll not only be able to socialize in your private bedroom or large living area, you’ll also have a fully-equipped kitchen where you can comfortably prepare holiday mocktails and snacks. Contact us to secure a lease in time for the next holiday season.

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