6 Important Questions to Ask During Campus Tours

A crucial way to choose the university you’ll attend is to take campus tours. These will show you where you could be spending your days for the next four or so years. To make the most of the experience, you should ask the tour guide, students, and other people you meet plenty of questions. Use the following questions to assess whether a school is likely to be right for you.

1. How Do Your Professors Enhance the Classroom Experience?

The way professors deliver classes can make a big difference to your learning experience. Find out if there will be opportunities to take field trips, learn practical skills, or attend talks from guest lecturers — especially if you know these things would aid your understanding of the material.

2. Is It Easy to Find Internships?

You may need to complete an internship as a requirement of your major, or you may just like to do one to improve your job prospects after you graduate. It’s useful to ask students at the university about their experiences finding internships, including what kind of support the school offers and whether there are interesting opportunities in the area.

3. How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

Find out what students do when they’re not studying and whether it’s easy to make friends. You may like to specifically ask students how they spend their weekends, what kinds of clubs they belong to, and whether the atmosphere on campus is welcoming.

4. Why Did You Choose This University?

Everyone you talk to will have a different reason for choosing the school, but some of the answers may resonate with you. For instance, students may mention the offerings from a particular faculty, the location, sports teams, the culture, or the facilities on campus.

5. How’s the Food?

Even if you intend to cook most of your own meals, there will be times when you want to buy food on campus to save time and effort. Having tasty, nutritious food available can make a big difference to your experience.

6. Do I Feel Comfortable Here?

You should also ask yourself some questions during the tour, the most important being how you feel about the campus. It’s important to trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel quite right, consider removing the university from your shortlist — even if it has everything you need in terms of your preferred major, class sizes, and extracurriculars. Pay particular attention to whether the students seem happy or stressed and how enthusiastic they are about the school when you ask them questions.

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