A Bucket List for Incoming University Freshmen

Golden Eagle statue

You’ll have many great experiences organically at university. All the same, it’s worthwhile coming up with a bucket list to ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities you’ll only have while you’re a student.

Here are some ideas to consider.

1. Take a Picture with Your Mascot

The thing that best represents your school is its mascot. Make sure you find the chance to take a photo with your mascot to show your connection to your university. This will be a great picture to include in a collage of all your top memories.

2. Participate in Some of Your School’s Traditions

All schools have their own unique traditions. Find out what traditions your school has and participate in them the first chance you have. For instance, McMaster has the most photographed spot on campus at Edwards Arch. Make sure you take a photo here yourself.

3. Drop into a Random Lecture

At some point during the semester, when you have nothing else to do, drop into a lecture without anyone noticing you. You’ll certainly learn something and — who knows? — you may even feel inspired, which could influence what electives you take the following semester.

4. Go to a Career Fair

Even if you’re a few years away from seriously thinking about your career, it’s worthwhile to go to one of the career fairs on campus. These are great chances for networking with employers and for finding out about opportunities — including internships for while you’re still at university. Make sure you come prepared in a professional outfit and with copies of your resume.

5. Publish Something with a Campus Organization

Get involved with campus organizations to find out if you could publish something. Remember, publishing is not just for writers — as well as op-eds, poetry, and short stories, you could consider publishing photographs or a podcast episode. Since clubs are always looking for more material to publish, there should be many opportunities.

6. Join an Intramural Sports Team

No matter if you’ve always been a student athlete or you’ve never played sports before unless you had to, make sure you sign up at least one intramural sports team during university. This is your chance to practice a sport you’ve always enjoyed or try something completely new while staying fit.

7. Eat at All the Local Places

Aim to try all the food available in the area — on campus and in your neighbourhood. This will ensure you don’t miss anywhere that could have become your favourite spot. To avoid breaking the bank, remember you have plenty of time to spread this bucket list item out over the several years you’re at university.

8. Take a Road Trip

Organize a road trip to take with your university friends to give you a special memory together before you all go your separate ways. The road trip could last just a weekend or be several days long. Head to somewhere like a nearby beach, lake, or mountain or just start driving with no destination in mind.

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