A Guide to Dealing with Graduation Anxiety

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Graduation should be the event you look forward to most as a student. Nonetheless, the months leading up to this major life change can be quite anxiety inducing. Your time at university is almost over and you’ll need to navigate the world of work alone — unless you’re moving on to grad school, of course. Avoid what should be a great time from becoming overwhelming by taking steps to deal with any negative emotions that may arise.

1. Enjoy Your Senior Year

Your final year at university can be tough, but it’s important to find enjoyment in it — especially since it will all be over soon. Spend time with friends, go to plenty of events on campus, and attend meetings for your extracurriculars while you still can.

2. Stay Organized

By now, you should be used to having many responsibilities, but the amount of tasks on your plate may ramp up as your graduation nears. Keep your to-do list for each day limited to a reasonable number of activities to ensure you stay on track without becoming stressed about the sheer amount of things you need to do.

3. Open Up the Conversation

You may find that few people are sharing their worries about graduation, which can make you feel more alone. However, the likelihood is that most students are struggling with doubts and concerns similar to your own. Talk with friends about the issues you’re facing — together, you may be able to share ideas to solve common problems. You can also receive support from professionals like your academic advisor or the counsellors on campus.

4. Don’t Worry If Your Path Is Different

Some students may be entering a career straight after graduation — but this is only one of your options. You could decide you need a break before you start searching for your dream job. Students often take a few months to travel, begin working as an intern, or pursue something completely unrelated to their ultimate career goals just for the experience. Don’t feel like you’re making the wrong decision just because other people are choosing different options than you.

Of course, if you don’t feel ready to leave the structure of academia just yet, you could always consider grad school. You should find this opens up more opportunities and higher-paying positions once you do look for a full-time job. Although you will need to figure out how to pay for grad school, it’s often affordable with a part-time job (you may have good options once you have a degree) and scholarships.

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