A Student’s Winter Bucket List

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You need to take full advantage of the winter break while you’re a university student. As you have several weeks off from classes and many of your friends have no responsibilities, this is the perfect opportunity to try a variety of activities that are only available to you at this time of year. When you’re writing up your winter bucket list, make sure to include the following.

1. Ice Skate at Your Local Rink

Find out when your local ice rink is open to the public and go skating with some friends. This can be a great way to stay active over the winter. There may even be nights when the entry price is discounted for university students, making it an affordable activity.

2. Go Sledding in the Park

All you need to go sledding is a steep, snow-covered hill and some kind of sled. You can make a DIY sled out of items you already have, including the lid of a storage container, a cookie sheet, or even a piece of sturdy cardboard wrapped in a trash bag.

3. Hold a Festive Movie Marathon

Invite friends over for a movie night with a twist: you’ll only watch films that have a festive theme. You could rewatch old favourites or search for new movies that none of you have watched yet — there’s always an influx of seasonal films on streaming services during this time of year.

4. Check Out the Christmas Lights

If driving around your neighbourhood to see the Christmas light displays is not already one of your holiday traditions, it’s time to change that. Visit homes known for their extravagance and search for inspiration for your own decorations.

5. Decorate Your Apartment

Make putting up seasonal decorations more fun by setting a time to do it with your roommates — this can be a great bonding activity. String up fairy lights, hang ornaments, and buy a small tree. If you want to save money, you could even make your own decorations.

6. Host a Holiday Party

A major aspect of university is attending parties. If you haven’t yet hosted a party yourself, invite friends along to one with a holiday theme. You could have an ugly Christmas sweater competition, ask everyone to come wearing Santa hats, or sing karaoke to classic hits.

7. Have a Secret Santa Exchange

If you’re worried about having enough in your budget to buy gifts for all your friends, a Secret Santa could be a great alternative. It means that each of you only needs to purchase one present and you can set a budget to ensure no one in the group feels pressured to spend too much.

8. Volunteer at a Fundraiser

Embrace the season of giving by volunteering in your community. You should find there are many opportunities to join a fundraiser through campus organizations.

9. Bake Cookies

A comforting activity for a lazy weekend is to bake cookies. Experiment with a few different recipes — you could even try putting your own spin on a classic. If you share your creations with friends or family the next day, you’re sure to be popular.

10. Contribute to a Holiday Meal

If you don’t already know how to prepare some of the fixtures for a holiday meal, now’s the time to learn. You could host a potluck with friends before you leave for winter break or you could offer to make or more of the dishes for your big family meal.

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