How to Get Enough Exercise as a Student

Exercise is important for everyone — not just those looking to lose weight. Exercising impacts your health in multiple ways, including by increasing your protection against certain diseases, reducing stress, and keeping you fit for when you need to cope with physically-strenuous situations. You should be making time for both cardio and muscle-strengthening exercise every week. If you’re struggling to fit exercise into your already-busy schedule, there are several easy things you can do.

1. Walk Faster

Instead of taking a leisurely stroll to class, pick up the pace and walk briskly. This will increase your heart rate and work your leg muscles. Plus, you’ll reduce the risk of arriving late!

2. Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

Whenever you need to head to a higher floor (whether on campus or in your apartment building), take the elevator. This will barely take any extra time — if you move quickly, it could even be faster — and it’s an effective way to increase your exercise for the day.

3. Bike Around the Neighbourhood

Whether you have free time, you need to head to the store, or you’re going to visit a friend who lives in another apartment building, your best option could be to jump on your bike. If you don’t already have a bike, find out if someone is selling one second hand in your area.

4. Park Farther from Your Destination

If you need to go farther afield than is possible by bike, you may need to drive. However, you can still add a little exercise into your route by parking some distance from your destination.

5. Stand Up More Often

Just standing up every hour can burn calories. Since it’s difficult to concentrate for more than an hour anyway, schedule regular breaks from studying where you move around a bit and do some stretches.

6. Join an Intramural Sports Team

It’s likely your university has a huge range of sports open to everyone — you don’t even need to be good. This is your chance to try a sport you’ve never played before, such as badminton, spikeball, pickleball, or water polo. Experiment with a few to find something you love.

7. Exercise with Friends

A more informal way to practice sports is to invite friends to play a game. You could take shots at a basketball hoop, throw a frisbee, or kick a soccer ball around. Another option is to plan an outing, such as a hike, a trip to a nearby ice rink, or a bike ride along local trails. You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even notice you’re exercising.

If you have time, you should fit some proper workouts into your schedule as well. Instead of heading out of your way to go to the gym, live somewhere that has facilities on site. West Village Suites has a fitness and yoga studio to help you say fit and find your focus. Our McMaster student rentals provide you with a private room in a fully-furnished apartment. Although you’ll be sharing with between one and four other students, you’ll have an individual lease. Plus, there’s secure storage for your bike available. Book a tour to check out the fitness facilities, our other great amenities, and the suites themselves.

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