How to Make Your Student Apartment Cozy

Your student apartment can feel like a place where you’re staying while away from home — or it can be a real home. To a large extent, this is down to you and how you choose to decorate the space. By making your student apartment cozy, you’ll create a place you look forward to returning to at the end of a long day and where your friends enjoy hanging out.

1. Focus on Your Bed

With classes, extracurriculars, and socializing, there may be some days when you barely spend any time in your apartment. During the time you are home, you’ll mainly be sleeping. All this means that your bed is the most important place in your apartment. Plus, it’s critical that you get enough high-quality sleep to avoid burnout and to maintain your focus. If you’re concerned about the price of comfortable bedding, bring a comforter and pillow with you.

2. Think About How You’d Describe Your Ideal Apartment

To figure out how you want to decorate the rest of your apartment, come up with some words that describe how you want to feel. You may find it’s easier to achieve what you want this way than by trying to come up with specific decorating ideas.

3. Add Some Warmth

Throw blankets, pillows, and rugs help your apartment feel much more inviting. Plus, they make the space more comfortable, especially when you have guests over.

4. Cover the Walls

Wall space gives you a vast opportunity to decorate your space. As well as framing photos and hanging posters, you could pin up a textile or flag, create a collage, or make another type of artwork — the options are almost endless.

5. Have a Spot to Relax

Designate a corner of your apartment to relaxing, whether that means reading, meditating, playing video games, or scrolling through your phone. If you don’t have a big, comfortable chair already, search for one at a thrift store or yard sale.

6. Play Music

Create some playlists that are ideal for background music. You may like to theme them by mood or activity, including for studying, working out, and having friends over. Add all your old favorites from over the years and songs you associate with good memories to lift your mood. Buy a decent pair of speakers that reach a high enough volume for parties.

7. Create a Warm Glow

With a light timer, you can make sure that your home is inviting when you return in the evening, especially during the winter when the days are short. You can also use the timer to wake up in the morning to a gentle glowing lamp instead of a dark room.

It’s much less work to make your new home cozy if you search for furnished student apartments. Hamilton students can find suites with upgraded furniture and equipped with everything they need at West Village Suites. In fact, the entire building is welcoming — from the renovated lobby to the games room and fitness centre. Apply now to secure your spot.

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