What to Do If You Hate Your Major

Whether you have a career path in mind or a certain subject just appealed to you when you started university, there’s always a risk that you’ll discover you actually dislike your chosen major. It may be nothing like you expected, or your ambitions may change during college. Fortunately, there are several things you can do in this situation. The appropriate course of action for you will depend on where you are in your college journey, your goals, and whether your opinion of your major is likely to change with time.

1. List Things You Like About Your Major

Before you make any drastic decisions, consider if you truly hate your major or if you’re just feeling frustrated. Make a list of all the things you do like about your major — perhaps you like what careers it could lead to or you enjoy what you’re learning but dislike your professors this semester. Determine if the positives are enough to keep you going or the situation is bad enough that it’s not worth continuing.

Remember, jumping to the conclusion that your major is not right for you is risky, as you may find this happens again if you switch majors. You could end up trying out several majors before you come to the realization that nothing is going to feel perfect and that all majors have their share of downsides and challenges.

2. Talk to an Advisor

Before taking any further action, talk to an advisor. Have a discussion about your possible options and the consequences of each. The advisor will consider your career goals, the credits you’ve already earned, and what will help you make the most of your college education.

3. Change Majors as Soon as Possible

Although you can technically change majors at any time, it’s much better to do so as early as possible. That way, you won’t have taken many classes that you’re unable to count toward your degree, wasting money and setting your graduation date back further.

4. Find a Similar Major

If you’re already several semesters in before you come to the conclusion that you hate your major and decide you need to switch to something else, research similar majors. Since the first two years of college tend to cover core classes and are the same for several majors, you may find that you have a variety of options.

5. Study a Minor

An alternative solution for students who are quite far through college is to add a minor. This should keep you motivated and open up more opportunities after you graduate. This is important because, if you hate your major, you may also find that possible career options are less appealing than you once thought.

6. Take Time Off

Rather than the major being the problem, you may be overwhelmed by university as a whole. Taking a semester off can be useful, particularly if you take on a job related to the career you want after you graduate. This can show you if you’re on the right path and if it’s worth sticking with your current major.

7. Switch Direction in Grad School

When you’re near the end of your time at university, it makes little sense to change majors. However, if you’re concerned that your major will lead you to a career you’ve realized isn’t right for you, one option could be to continue to grad school and switch direction there. Whereas there will be some restrictions as to what you can major in for your graduate degree, you should find you have a wide range of possibilities.

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